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Now advocate channel

the cost that discharge gets have again how old? Now advocate channel discharge is basic by BAT3 big tycoon accuse, the board report business that does not have oneself inexpensive garage flooring ideas hematopoiesis function supports huge discharge cost continuously feebly at all. What do weller in business of domestic board report is Shang Pinzhai match and beautiful Le Le, they are from 2008, discharge cost always started inferiorly

2009, oneself had had particular how much for 100 feet of fence hematopoiesis function, together with has large-scale capital actual strength to do prop up. Bottleneck 3: How to concern with the interest of agency evenly How to realize the accrete of the inn on the line and traditional channel agency, it is a hard nut to crack that board industry wants to be faced with. With build photograph of platform of oneself avg square foot building price cable business to compare, cat of

day lending strength, Beijing east wait for B2C platform to open the inn on the line to appear more rely on chart a few. Similar Shuang Hu, Ou Rui, consider treasure of the home,building systems price list  spic, and buy, Qu Mei, elegant orchid wait for plank to sell the home greatly, common practice is manufacturer takes out different pattern product to supply the store on the line continuously, did not concern with channel business. The



2018-01-12 07:26:15



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