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#1 2010-07-08 19:53:53

a.k.a. Lim-Dul
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Forum Rules

Considering the main topics got derailed a bit ever since Ryan became an even greater joke in HoN community after some stupid moves that pretty much launched him straight to the far side of the Moon, I decided to split the forums into two categories.

* Serious Discussions
Please keep the discussions in this forum civilized. My original goal was to handle everything calmly and stick to facts, not rumors. If you have any new solid data on Ryan or Neva Digital/NevaTV, please do so here.

* Rants and Funnies
This is the forum where you can make fun of Ryan and post whatever you want as long as it's related to him or his companies. Obviously nobody can mock Ryan better than he does himself through his actions and outlandish claims but you can try.



2010-07-08 19:53:53



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