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South-American log market

firewood charcoal by fell trees, but the action plan that reinstates without real wood. 3, South-American log market: Off-season atmosphere is enveloped below, south-American goat wood railing Sanaa log market has hard too big as, popular material plants the market such as beans of red the pride of China, hophornbeam to also continue to appear leave drop trend. Distributor home expresses, brief callback does not have not not be a

favour, long unripe raise cease to carport insulation ceiling be farther road only, this shows faces business of low ebb lumber or expression is calm. At present price of beans of hophornbeam of Guangdong South America signs up for 3200-3400 yuan / stere, colombia of producing area of red the pride of China curiums Fang 6500-6800 yuan / ton, producing area Panama signs up for 4700-4800 yuan / ton. white interior doors with jambs Additional, respect of green the pride of

China, as a result of market of main attack handicraft, because this even if fathers in producing area,the circumstance that accuse falls, condition of market of green the use composite decking indoors pride of China also is in the condition of relative balance, businessmen also are had no large-scale enlarge management plan. At present green the pride of China of Guangdong market Argentina signs up for 1.2-1.4 10 thousand yuan / ton.



2018-01-11 09:25:51



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