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The bottom floor of the floor is added

<p >floor in the study room ?General attention should be paid to the purchase of WPC decking: ?Abrasion resistance: it is an important index to measure the quality of the composite floor. Objectively speaking, the higher the floor wear-resisting, use of time should be longer, but the wear value and is not a measure of the only standard floor service life. In general, the wear-resisting flooring reached 10 thousand for high quality products, less than 10 thousand the </p>
<p >products used in 1 to 3 years is likely to wear phenomenon in different degrees. ?Formaldehyde content: this is a key indicator of whether the product we choose is harmful to our health, but it is easy to be ignored by consumers, according to European standards. Formaldehyde content shall not exceed 9 mg per 100 g floor, if more than 9 mg is an unqualified product. ?Floor thickness: at present, the floor thickness of the market is generally 6~12 millimeters. </p>
<p >When choosing, the thickness should be better. The thicker the thickness is, the longer the service life will be, but at the same time, we should consider the actual needs of the family. ?The effect of assembling: can be assembled with the sample of two pieces of floor to see if the assembly is neat and tight. ?Picture of wooden floor in the study room ?In the face of many brands of WPC decking products appearing in the market , consumers do not have to be dazzling , </p>
<p>small deck designs for mobile homes<br />
cheap white plastic fencing<br />
waterproof floor paints for basements</p>



2018-01-11 12:15:08



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