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company nano-titanium dioxide aqueous solution

Nano-fried two years ago was very hot, how many people still believe it. Enterprises that nanotechnology, people immediately emerge a liar image, who dare to buy. Antibacterial products have just started, but also anti-bacterial product certification,
which is to regulate the market a good thing. However, some enterprises now confuse antibacterial and bactericidal activities and mislead consumers. Photocatalyst Forum can be seen too many companies bite dogs in dogs attack each other, more exaggerated a company nano-titanium dioxide aqueous solution scrambled 2,000 yuan a kilogram.
Anion is a good thing, but too many businesses treat it as a panacea, speculation a use of the spirit. As everyone knows, negative ions are long-term effects, it can only icing on the cake can not be timely. It is impossible for the day of construction to stay on the same day.
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2018-01-12 06:25:14



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